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Good Earth Bunglow Block A
For Individual & Family
Rs 2000/- per head
For Couples
Rs 4000/- per couple
For Children(from 8 - 12 years)
Rs 900/- per head

Good Earth Dormitory Block B
For Individual & Groups
Rs 1500/- per head
For Groups more than 12
Rs 1300/- per head
For Children(from 8 - 12 years)
50% of the actual price - per head

Special Offer for Corporate People
(Group Booking)

The tariff includes 3 meals a day, along with coffee, tea and snacks. Both veg and non-veg will be provided.
Music and campfire will be arranged upon request at set timings.

Group of 5-10 People
Rs 2000/- per head
Group of 10-20 People
Rs 1800/- per head
Group of 20-30 People
Rs 1500/- per head
Group of 30-40 People
Rs 1300/- per head

Bulk Packages


We provides room and dormitory type accommodation for visitors.

Combo package

Double bedrooms with attach bathrooms. Rooms decorated in typical Malnad Style.